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About the social care activities

All the activities and tasks detailed in this website are supported by E-ARTTIC OUTSOURCING SL, in Spain. We are an IT consultancy firm that believes in social care and that together we can make a better world.

Since our "garage" start by summer 2008 and later officially establishment as corporation by March 2009... we're working daily to improve the solutions we provide really reinvest in our close environment.



e-ARTtic Outsourcing SL is behind all these projects. This Company is based in Spain, regulated by Spanish laws and registered under VAT B65065989 in Barcelona.

The company was initially founded by Marc Cort├Ęs & Roland de Torner to remain at current date spreading its wings in China, Japan, Bangladesh and having business relationships over Turkey, India, UAE, Romania, UK, US, France and native country Spain... among others.

We're an open mind company that embraces a modern, dynamic and flexible approach,  that holds on knowledge, experience and partners all developed solutions....



Our mission is providing improved value services, within Consultancy and Information Technologies arenas worldwide... from Technology (Laptops, Netbooks, Handsets, Tablets, IP Phones,...), VoIP Termination, Assembling & Manufacturing, Off-shoring & Relocation, Venture Capital...

We integrate solutions, experience  and network to reach best results.

Due to the fact that we do know the business; we do have the network and structure to provide the service; we are looking for who might be able to support these activities by also researching investors that will help to make these projects real.



Please, note that E-ARTTIC Foundation is still not created neither registered as a Foundation or NGO. Although of this, we are involved in these Social Care Projects as it was already operating due to our personal and corporate innate behaviour...



Please have a look into The Projects, to evaluate if you could fit in any of them.

Surely your support, sponsorship or word of mouth will be gratefully received.

Fell free to drop us a line to:

> administracion (at) e-arttic (dot) com

Thanks for your time!