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Please find below some of our current Sponsors & Supporters; from here we want to transmit our most preciated thank you for your time and efforts.


Mr. Sandro Rosell

Sandro is sincerely greeted to help entrepreneurs and social cause projects, this is why he's personally supporting this initiative from the beginning and before reaching the Presidency position in Futbol Club Barcelona.

The following lines are accessible via his profile in LinkedIn: "I found this initiative very interesting. Its a pleasure to work and support these causes with Marc as route-finder. Please, keep it going on. Best regards, Sandro" April 14, 2010

Junior Chamber International & Esade

JCI in Catalunya is directly supporting this initative due to location, environment and shared objectives.

ESADE, supports the project by offering Business Plan developments, guiding  and follow-up for all the Entrepreneurs based within this community.

Follow-up based within this community: Foundation I2Cat, ATJE, ATI, ESIEE (Paris) are also onboard.



CISCO, supports the project providing technology solutions.
Maspla, Orange Partner, supports with all communications environments.

AIKA, a Samsung Partner supports with all printing environment & maintenance.

SC Trade Center, supports by renting the space to place the Business Center in Rubi.